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FP7 Call ICT PSP 7

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FP7 Call ICT PSP 7

Call identifier: CIP-ICT PSP-2013-7
Date of publication: 22 December 2012
 Closure date: 14 May 2013, at 17h00, Brussels local time
Indicative budget : 125.7M€

Theme 1: Cloud of public services and smart cities

1.1: Cloud of public services

1.2: Smart, sustainable mobility

1.3: Preparing PPI on resource efficient data centres for smart cities

Theme 2 : Digital content, open data and creativity

2.1: Europeana and creativity (including  enriching and improving Europeana,
coordinating Europeana, and promoting the use of Europeana by creative

2.2: Open data

2.3: ICT for learning

2.4: Digital content technologies for a better internet for kids

2.5: eArchiving services

Theme 3: ICT for health, ageing well and inclusion

3.1: Preparing large scale deployment of targeted services to support active and healthy ageing

3.2: Supporting innovative solutions in eHealth, assisted living and for mobility

3.3: Networking for health, ageing well and inclusion

3.4:  Assisted mobility/navigation for older or impaired users

3.5: Biophotonics solutions for diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of disease

Theme 4: Trusted eServices

4.1:  Protection of   Web site against attacks

4.2: Security for networked infrastructure Pilot B

4.3:  Secure and trustworthy reporting of malware and suspected cybercrime

Theme 5: Open objective for Innovation and other actions

5.1: Open objective for Innovation

5.2: Support to advance Corporate Social responsibility

5.3: Support to the Grand Coalition for ICT jobs

An Information Day will take place on 15 January 2013 in Brussels. More information and registration form here.


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