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Progress CALL FOR PROPOSALS N° VP/2012/013

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Progress CALL FOR PROPOSALS N° VP/2012/013


BUDGET LINE 04-04-01-01

PARES (PARtnerships between Employment Services)EU Flagship “Agenda for New Skills and Jobs” Europe 2020

 Objective and scope of the PARES call for proposals

The main objective of this call for proposals is to encourage new forms ofcollaboration between employment services at national and EU level for the deliveryof complementary services with a high standard of quality and efficiency. The call shall also help to promote a culture of partnership working by breaking traditionalbarriers and pre-conceptions regarding the different roles of employment services.

The present call for proposals will support projectswhich involve at least two different types of partners from public, private or thirdsector employment services, also being eligible education and training providers,NGOs, welfare institutions, etc. to work together by relying on the specific strengthsand expertise of each employment service. Partners can be of the same country, so trans-nationality is not a pre-requisite for applying. The Commission commits itself to building partnerships among labour market actors by supporting cooperation projects on green jobs and worker transitions to a green economy under the current PARES Call for Proposals.

Projects should focus on how to improve, revamp and re-orient theskills set of jobseekers and job changers to ensure a smooth transition towards a greeneconomy and emerging jobs with a ‘green tint’. In doing so, projects must demonstratethat the skills developed and training provided are responding to labour demand needs so as to improve direct placement and recruitment possibilities.

In this context, The “specific” skills associated with the green economy are not entirely new skills. They are an add-on or a mixture of existing skills such as knowledge of sustainable materials, relevant traditional skills for installation of new technologies (e.g. fitting or electrical skills for installation of solar tube or panel technologies), skills to measure the carbon footprint and environmental impact assessment skills (e.g. energy assessment, diagnostic skills).

Each Project will clearly aim to achieve the two following technical objectives:

1. the development and delivery to the end users/clients of specific employment service(s) by the mixed set of partners. This shall include measurable pre-defined outcomes, leading in as far as possible to direct integration/insertion into the labour market and/or providing a relevant skills enhancing work experience covered by an employment contract.

2. the provision of analytical and methodological findings (lessons learned) to be based on a sound evaluation and focusing on the actions of the project. This should include success and failure factors, as well as pointers and recommendations for creating sustainable partnership models between employment services.

Key target groups with whom employment services should work include:

– the long term unemployed

– the low skilled

– youth

– redundant workers

Other eligible groups include single mothers, migrant and ethnic groups to be supported in their transitions into the labour market.

 Financial conditions

The total available budget for this call is EUR 1.500.000. The Commission expects to finance a maximum of five projects. The European Union’s financial contribution will not exceed 80% of the total eligible costs of the activities involved. Sources of co-financing can be public or private.


The proposals must be submitted electronically online and sent by post in 3 hard copies (1 original and 2 copies) to the Commission not later than 01/03/2013. For the submission of a proposal, the Internet Web application SWIM must be used.

 For more information and documents click here.


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