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Call for proposals for ERC Proof of Concept Grant

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Call identifier: ERC-2013-PoC

Date of publication1: 10 January 2013

Electronic proposal submission deadlines:

First deadline: 24 April 2013, 17.00.00 (Brussels local time)

Final deadline: 3 October 2013, 17.00.00 (Brussels local time)


The European Research Council

The European Research Council (ERC) is a European funding initiative, designed to support the best scientists, engineers and scholars in Europe. The ERC mandate is to encourage the highest quality research in Europe through competitive funding and to support investigator-initiated frontier research across all fields of research, on the basis of scientific excellence. Four types of ERC grants are currently available to support researchers in carrying out frontier research projects: ERC Starting Grant, ERC Consolidator Grant, ERC Advanced Grant and ERC Synergy Grant. In addition, ERC grant holders can now apply for additional funding through a Coordination and Support Action (“Proof of Concept”) to establish the innovation potential of ideas arising from their ERC-funded frontier research projects. Grants are awarded and managed according to simple procedures that maintain the focus on excellence, encourage creativity and combine flexibility with accountability.

Objective: European Research Council ERC Proof of Concept Grant (Coordination and Support Action) provides additional funding to ERC grant holders to establish proof of concept, identify a development path and an Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) strategy for ideas arising from an ERC funded project.

The maximum EU financial contribution per grant will be up to EUR 150 000 for a period of 12 months. This represents a maximum overall figure; payments will need to be justified on the basis of the actual costs of the project. The funding requested by the Principal Investigator must be fully justified by an estimation of the actual costs for the proposed activities, which will be assessed during the evaluation of the proposal. Project costs funded by third parties are allowed but need to be declared and will be deducted from the total of eligible costs covered by the ERC Proof of Concept Grant.

Minimum number of participants: At least one independent legal entity established in one of the Member States, or one of the Associated Countries (in the case of the participation of more than one legal entity the participants are not obliged to establish a consortium agreement).

Guiding principles of the ERC Proof of Concept Grant

• Only Principal Investigators of an ERC Grant may apply.

• Aim is to verify the innovation potential of an idea arising from an ERC-funded project.

• Clear separation between activities to be funded and activities already funded under the ERC frontier research grant is needed.

• Grants are awarded to the host institution that engages the PI.

• Grants up to 150.000€ for a duration of 12 months

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