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nicoleta susanu‘s insight:


The Pericles Programme funds exchanges, assistances and training for authorities, banks and others involved in combating euro-counterfeiting – both in the eurozone and in EU countries outside the eurozone.

The aim is better protection for euro banknotes and coins in Europe and worldwide – by ensuring anti-counterfeiting measures throughout the EU have equivalent effect while respecting distinct national traditions and by improving cooperation between authorities.


Objectives and priorities of the Programme

The purpose of the programme is to strengthen the protection of euro banknotes and  coins against counterfeiting taking into consideration transnational and multidisciplinary aspects. It seeks to promote content-convergence of the measures taken at European level to combat the counterfeiting of the euro and to ensure equivalence and homogeneity  of the protection while observing the distinct traditions of each Member State.


The priorities to implement the actions of the Programme for 2013 are the following

• maintaining emphasis on Member States which are particularly affected by the  production and distribution of counterfeits;

• strengthening the framework for the protection of the euro in South Eastern  Europe and the candidate country Turkey;

• a consolidation of regional cooperation in North Eastern Europe;

• a continuation of the Programme relating to South America; a targeted use of the Programme in vulnerable regions of Africa and the  Mediterranean region (such as Morocco, Nigeria, Senegal, Ghana, Algeria and  Tunisia).


The deadlines for submission of the applications for this call for proposal are 20
April and 21 September 2013.
Estimated budget is 350 000 € per each deadline (700 000 € in total).

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