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The Waterloo Foundation – Grant programmes – Environment

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The Waterloo Foundation is an independant grant-making foundation based in Wales

nicoleta susanu‘s insight:


Deadline 31st March 2013


Under  Forests programme, preference will be given to initiatives working to protect tropical rain forests for their value to the climate, communities and biodiversity, principally through avoided deforestation. We will consider both practical local projects, and strategic initiatives.



Local projects


Applications for practical local projects that we will consider would typically be working on a specified tropical forest area, defined in hectares. Applicants will need to demonstrate how their project involves:


Exposing, addressing and overcoming the local drivers of deforestationManagement of the specified areaMethods to measure and monitor the protected areaSustainable livelihoods for forest-dependent communities


Strategic projects


Will be considerated  applications for strategic projects that are working on addressing the drivers of deforestation on a wider or international scale. These could include:


Working on international or regional forest policyCampaigning for improved practices in commerceInnovative ways of reducing deforestation e.g. financial systems or solutions based on the value of forest ecosystem services



Tree planting projectsProjects focused solely on the use of fuel-efficient stoves – we have selected one partner to undertake forest-related efficient stove interventionsProjects with animal conservation as the sole focusProjects focusing on environmental education

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