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Call for Proposals Information and training measures for workers’ organisations VP/2013/002

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Call for Proposals  Information and training measures for workers’ organisations  VP/2013/002




The deadline for the submission of applications is 23 May 2013 for actions commencing no earlier than 23 July 2013 and no later than 31 December 2013.


Objectives of this call include measures and initiatives related to the adaptation of social dialogue to changes in employment and work and related challenges, such as addressing modernisation of the labour market, quality of work, anticipation, preparation and management of change and restructuring, the greening of the economy, flexicurity, skills, mobility and migration, youth employment, health and safety at work, reconciliation of work and family life, gender equality, action in the field of anti-discrimination, active ageing, healthier and longer working lives, active inclusion and decent work.

Measures which contribute to addressing the employment and social dimensions of EU priorities relating to the exit from the crisis, taking into account increasing inequalities within and between Member States, and to reaching the objectives and targets of the Europe 2020 Strategy and its flagship initiatives, will be particularly welcome. It is also intended to promote equal participation of women and men in the decisionmaking bodies of workers’ organisations.

Access for people with disabilities must be guaranteed for measures funded under this heading.


Budget and co- financing rate

 The foreseen budgetary allocation to this call is EUR 3 740 000.

Under this call for proposals, the European Commission may decide to finance up to 90% of the total eligible cost of the action. Contributions in kind will not be taken into account.

  Typical size of a grant  will be around EUR 175 000.

Experience has demonstrated that projects, which include preparatory, follow-up and dissemination activities within the same grant application, tend to contribute most effectively to achieving the objectives of the call for proposals.

 The Commission will organise a networking day in Brussels for beneficiaries under the 2013 call (date to be confirmed). Applicants must therefore ensure that the travel, daily subsistence allowances and accommodation costs for up to 2 persons – the Project Manager and possibly the Financial Manager – to attend this meeting in Brussels are included in their proposed project budget. If the applicant fails to do this, the Commission will not be able to fund the beneficiary’s participation in the networking day.

 ATTENTION: It is not permissible to subcontract the project management of the action.


Who may apply

 To be eligible:

  • • The lead applicant must be a social partner organisation representing workers, at European, national or regional level;
  • • The lead applicant must have its registered office in one of the Member States of the European Union;
  • • Co-applicants must have their registered office in one of the Member States or Candidate Countries;
  • • Applicants must be properly constituted and registered legal persons. In application of Article 131 of the Financial Regulation, workers’ organizations without legal personality are also eligible provided that the conditions of the Financial Regulation related thereto are met.

 For call documents and application form click here.


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