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Greater understanding of cultural diversity – EEA Grants

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nicoleta susanu‘s insight:

A new call for cultural diversity and exchange project proposals has been launched in Spain. The aim is to increase cultural dialogue and promote understanding of cultural diversity. The progamme also supports Spain’s cultural sector which has been badly hit by the current economic crisis.

The call for proposals will distribute €422 500 to selected projects developed under one of the two categories of support:

Projects stimulating cooperation across national borders between cultural entities in the field of contemporary art and culture.Projects of cultural entities wishing to develop their international networks and strengthen their capacity to work across national borders. 

Types of projects eligible for financing

All projects shall contribute to the objective of the Programme: “Cultural dialogue increased and European identity fostered through understanding of cultural diversity”. The projects should be in the field of contemporary arts and culture, and preferably in the area of live art. 

Examples of projects eligible for financing: 
• Organization of exhibitions, performances, concerts, festivals and other artistic events;
• Cooperation and exchange of artists, as for example training and exchange of staff (informal and peer learning/exchange of knowledge).



The deadline for submissions of applications is 16 July 2013

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