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Programm Active Citizenship and Inclusio Call for Proposals

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Aktívne občianstvo a inklúzia – Program podpory mimovládnych organizácií

nicoleta susanu‘s insight:

 Call for Proposals   Programme Active Citizenship and Inclusion


Deadline for Project Proposals submission: 31 st July 2013


The Programme is a grant scheme for supporting activities of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in following areas:
Active citizenship
Priority 1 Participatory democracy
Priority 2 Social inequalities, poverty and exclusion, including in rural areas,
Children and youth, including children and youth atrisk
Priority 1 Children, Youth and Active citizenship
Priority 2 Activities targeting children and youth at risk
Protection of the environment and climate change
Priority 1 Awareness raising and civic participation and active citizenship
Priority 2 Contribution to sustainable development
Welfare and basic services to vulnerable groups
Priority 1 De-institutionalization of the services for children and youth with special needs and adults placed in institutionalized facilities
Priority 2 Supporting development of field and ambulant social services of NGOs
Priority 3 Supporting social cohesion of inhabitants on local level


Applicants eligible to realise projects are non-governmental organisations (NGOs). Non-governmental organisation is non-profit voluntary organisations established as a legal entity in the Slovak Republic, having a non commercial purpose, independent of local, regional and central government, public entities, political parties and commercial organisations. Political parties, religious organisations, social partners and individuals (sole
entrepreneurs) are not eligible applicants.



Project funding
A grant for project funding consists of:
a) the contribution from the Programme amounting to 90 % of the total eligible project costs,
b) the own resources of the Beneficiary in amount of minimum 10 % of the total eligible project costs.
The total financial allocation for the Project is 98 333 €.

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