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Call for proposal : CIP-EIP-ECO-INNOVATION-2013

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Call for proposal : CIP-EIP-ECO-INNOVATION-2013

eco innovation

CIP Eco-innovation will support projects focusing on eco-innovative products, techniques,  services or processes which aim at prevention or reduction of environmental impacts or which  contribute to the optimal use of resources.

Scope  of the call

CIP Eco-innovation aims to support projects concerned with the first application or market replication of eco-innovative techniques, products, services or practices of EU relevance,  which have already been technically demonstrated with success but which, owing to residual  risk, have not yet penetrated the market. They should contribute to remove obstacles to the  development and wide application of eco-innovation, create or enlarge markets for related  products and improve the competitiveness of EU enterprises on world markets. The projects  should also aim at reducing environmental impacts, increasing resource efficiency or improve  environmental performance of enterprises, in particular SMEs.


  1.  Promote the adoption of new and integrated approaches to eco-innovation in fields  such as more environmentally friendly products, processes and services.
  2.  Encourage the uptake of environmental solutions by increasing the market and by  removing the barriers to market penetration. Solutions are understood to include high  added value products, processes, technologies or services.
  3. Increase innovation capacities of SMEs

Main priority areas of the call for proposals 2013

  • Materials recycling
  • Sustainable building products
  • Food and drink sector
  • Water
  • Greening businesses

Important notice

Applicants must have the professional and technical capacity as well as the operational and  managerial capability to complete the action proposed and should provide supporting  documents (e.g. description of the expertise among those responsible for carrying out the  action with a clear reference to their responsibilities in the project, description of projects and  activities related to the action undertaken in the last three years, etc.).

Failure to comply with these criteria will result in the proposal not being evaluated further by the evaluation committee. Applicants may be asked to provide additional  proof or to clarify the supporting documents related to the selection criteria.


Budget information

The financial contribution under CIP Eco-innovation takes the form of a grant to off-set part  of the total eligible costs of the project, under a maximum rate of 50 % of these costs per  project.  Only the costs directly linked with the innovative action, including materials, processes,  techniques or methods proposed, are considered eligible. This applies also to costs for  equipment and infrastructure.

The EU contribution to reimburse eligible costs must not give rise to a profit during the  project duration. Contributions in kind are not eligible costs.

 Eligible countries

  • 27 EU member states
  • Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein
  • Albania, Croatia, former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Israel, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey
  • Other non-EU countries provided they have the appropriate agreement in force

Deadline : 5 September 2013, before  17h00:00, Brussels local time


For more information and call documents click here.


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