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Call for proposals no. VP/2013/007 EESSI Pool of Excellence

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Call for proposals no. VP/2013/007  EESSI Pool of Excellence

Establishment of a 4-year Framework Partnership Agreement


One of the fundamental rights under the EU Treaty is the right of free movement of workers, as incorporated in Article 45 TFEU (ex-Art. 39 EC). In order to ensure that this right can be effectuated, the worker’s social security rights must be guaranteed when moving from one Member State to the other.

EESSI is primarily a communication (messaging) system between national social security institutions to exchange social security information concerning persons that exercise their right to free movement within the EU

Objectives of this call for proposals


The objective of the call is to conclude a single Framework Partnership Agreement with multiple beneficiaries for the setting-up and implementation of an EESSI Pool of Excellence, covering the Member States, EEA countries and Croatia for a duration of four years, to allow Member States and participating countries to:

– develop common tools, share experience, best practise and know-how;

– collect and share direct feed-back from a user-perspective;

– strengthen their own, national competences related to EESSI

This call is divided into 4 work packages:

Work package 1 – Project management component
This component aims at ensuring the smooth running of the FPA through timely and sound management.
Work package 2 – Information sharing and dissemination component
The aim of this component is to:

  • support and foster the development of specialists networks and exchange of knowledge, experience and know-how related to the EESSI project between Member States and relevant institutions;
  • develop or improve EESSI related information and/or documentation;
  • enhance the availability of EESSI related information and/or documentation to all Member States, European Commission and the EESSI governance bodies;
  • ensure the dissemination of relevant outputs/results/activities obtained in all work packages of the Framework Partnership Agreement towards all Member States, European Commission and the EESSI governance bodies.

Work package 3 – Testing and piloting component
The aim of this component is to:

  •  support and organise testing of the EESSI system (software (including integration with national components) and business model) with a view to identify if the system is fit for purpose and for production. The piloting of the EESSI system (i.e. in a production type of environment) could be also envisaged under this component;
  • collect, process, structure and disseminate the results of the testing and, if applicable, also piloting exercises to the EESSI governance bodies to allow them to make informed decisions on the launch of the EESSI system or alternatively apply corrective measures.

Work package 4 – Transition and deployment support component
The aim of this component is to provide support, organise analysis and reflection, identify common problems as well as generate ideas and solutions for the transition from the paper to electronic environment in particular around the following subjects:

  •  EESSI deployment strategy at national levels (e.g. tasks to be performed toconnect the national EESSI software to the target EESSI system);
  •  Readiness for live operation in EESSI IT system;
  •  Business, operational and institutional change and readiness for EESSI(including for example institutional and operational adjustments and preparations which are necessary at the level of the social security coordination institutions for transition from the paper to the electronic environment).


The estimated maximum budget allocated by the Commission for the first Specific Grant Agreement scheduled to start in the first trimester 2014 is EUR 2 500 000.

The overall EU co-financing rate is fixed at 80% of total eligible costs. Specific proposals with a requested EU co-financing beyond any of the above specified maxima will be considered ineligible.

Deadline: 9 August 2013

For more information and call documents click here.


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