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Call for Proposals: Financial and Economic Crime – FINEC 2013

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Targeted Call for Proposals: Financial and Economic Crime – FINEC



Call objectives:


  • to strengthen the expertise in and the coordination of financial investigations and exchange of best practices; development and implementation of instruments regarding the prevention and fight against money laundering, terrorist and proliferation financing, corruption, racketeering or extortion and transparency of legal entities and legal arrangements;
  • to develop common trainings for financial investigators and financial criminal analysts notably based on the “train the trainer” principle and should lead to the improvement of the prevention and fight against modern criminal threats in the European Union concerning public and private relevant stakeholders;
  • to improve expertise in financial analysis and EU wide tracing of assets derived from crime;
  • to exanimate standards for the confiscation of criminal assets, the management of frozen assets and the reuse or return of confiscated assets



  • Financial investigation as a tool enabling effective fight against modern criminal threats.
  • Cooperation in the field of anti-money laundering.
  • Prevention and fight against corruption, development of anti-corruption policies.
  • Fight against organized crime involvement in counterfeiting.
  • Fight against fake medicine.
  • Effective confiscation of criminal assets including the management of frozen assets and the reuse of confiscated assets.
  • Identity theft.
  • Extortion racketeering.
  • Best practices in the identification and the tracing of the proceeds of crime

Eligibility criteria and eligible countries

Applications must be submitted by bodies and organizations with legal personality established in one of the EU Member States.

Bodies and organisations which are profit oriented may have access to grants and may be Applicant organisation/Coordinator only in conjunction with non-profit oriented or state organisations/public entities.

In a project submitted by a profit-oriented Applicant organisation/Coordinator, the partnership must include at least one non-profit oriented or state organisation/public entity as a Co-beneficiary. Projects presented by a profit-oriented Applicant organisation/Coordinator and including only Associate Partners will not be eligible. Transnational projects must involve partners in at least two Member States. In a transnational project, the Applicant organisation/Coordinator must include at least one Co-beneficiary (declaring costs to be EU co-financed) from another EU Member State.



The total amount for co-financing of grants foreseen under this Call is € 7.000.000

Project proposals seeking EU co-funding of less than € 100.000 will not be eligible. There is no maximum budget limit. The amount of EU funding requested cannot exceed 90% of the total eligible costs of the action. Contributions in kind are not allowed in the budget.




Applications must be submitted electronically via the PRIAMOS system and must be uploaded by 7 October 2013, 12:00 CET


For more information and call documents  click here.


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