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Call for Proposals Trafficking in Human Beings – THB

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Targeted Call for Proposals Trafficking in Human Beings – THB



  • Reduction of demand and supply for products and services provided by victims of trafficking, including measures aimed at reducing demand for trafficking for sexual exploitation, corporate social responsibility, and awareness raising amongst employers, in particular in high risk sectors such as agriculture, construction, travel and tourism, domestic work, textile, transport and health care.
  • Protection of, support and assistance to victims including by civil society (service providers and grassroots organisations).
  • Prosecution and investigation of offenders including increased operational cooperation between law enforcement agencies as well as with other actors, including on financial investigation and recruitment and advertisement of services of victims of trafficking via the internet.
  • Research into, and development of tools to prevent and address different forms of trafficking in human beings. These could include new forms of (or recruitment for) trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation, labour exploitation, criminal activities, forced marriages, the removal of organs and other forms of exploitation. More knowledge needed on the use of internet and social networks for recruitment) of all forms of trafficking in human beings.
  • Prevention of trafficking in human beings, in particular through education programmes and targeted training for officials with a main focus in bringing together various actors in order to increase policy coherence.
  • Measures to monitor and evaluate of anti-trafficking actions, through further work with civil society organisations active in the field.

Eligible countries

  • EU Member States
  • Entities established in third countries (including acceding and candidate countries), international organisations and EU Agencies may participate only as Associate Partners on a noncost basis, and are not permitted to submit applications. None of their costs incurred in the project can be eligible for EU co-financing.


The total amount for co-financing of grants foreseen under this Call is € 5.000.000. The amount of EU funding requested cannot exceed 90% of the total eligible costs of the action. Project proposals seeking EU co-funding of less than € 100.000 will not be eligible

Deadline: 31 October 2013 (12:00 CET)

For more information and call documents click here 

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