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Call for proposals VP/2013/011 Preparatory action: Information centres for EU migrant workers and posted workers

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Call for proposals VP/2013/011

Preparatory action: Information centres for EU migrant workers and posted workers


The overall scope of this Preparatory Action is to assess the possibilities and set out a framework for the future creation of a transnational EU-wide network of information centres involved in the provision of information and legal support.

Each initiative shall encompass the following components

  1. A.   Pilot activities of the network


Applicants are asked to present and detail actions which

– shall focus on enhancing the applicant’s capacity in the following fields:

• activities aimed at providing EU migrant workers with legal support and information on the labour market and on employment legislation in force in the host country and other relevant national issues through back-office and front-office activities and the setting up of help-desks;


• measures to monitor existing sources of legal information for EU migrant workers and posted workers and actions aimed at updating, enhancing and simplifying such legal information to ensure the full recognition of rights, in particular as regards employment rights. Such measures shall be specially designed to combat discrimination in individual cases as well as to combat discriminatory measures of a more general nature.


– in addition to existing activities in the two above-listed fields, shall develop at least one of activities listed below, operating in the following two main areas:

1/ Provision and distribution of information to EU migrant workers and posted workers

• Fostering cooperation and exchange of information between employment and immigration services as well as setting out learning and training modules for staff, and others.

• Running campaigns on labour-market shortages to encourage and reinforce lawful free movement of workers within the EU.

• Provision and distribution of other legal information to ensure the full recognition of rights of EU migrant workers and any other kind of informative support

2/ Legal support to EU migrant workers

• Provision of legal assistance to EU migrant workers who are in an irregular situation in the labour market or who may be object of exploitation or harassment.

• Provision of legal services to migrant workers in the EU in the event of employment litigation, including counselling in dispute resolution.

• Actions against discrimination concerning access to and integration in the host labour market as well as tackling fight against undeclared work.

• Provision of any other kind of legal and administrative counselling to EU migrant workers.

B.  Analytical Report

At the conclusion of the pilot activities, each of the successful applicants will be required to produce an extensive analytical report

C. Participation in the final conference

A final conference will be organised and financed by the European Commission at the end of the Preparatory Action. It will represent the occasion for stakeholders and any other involved partners to provide information about the results and best practices built up during the implementation of the action.

Budget available

The total budget earmarked for the co-financing of projects is EUR 300 000.

The European Union co-financing percentage will be limited to a maximum of 80% of the total eligible costs of the action.

Eligible applicants

Eligible applicants and co-applicants must:

– be an already existing Equality body as established by EU law;

– be established in at least three different Member States.

The deadline for submission of complete applications is as follows: 20 September 2013 for actions commencing no earlier than 02/12/13 and no later than 31/12/13

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