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Call for proposal EU-Egypt Innovation Fund – Innovation Cluster

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Call for proposal EU-Egypt Innovation Fund – Innovation Cluster

Reference: EuropeAid/135-159/M/ACT/EG

europa promt webThe global objective of this Call for Proposals is: To support research-based innovation in Egypt through the development of closer and long-term links between the different actors in research, industry and business sectors relevant to national and EU research and innovation priorities.

The specific objectives of this Call for Proposals are:

  • Support networking initiatives to reach critical mass capable of making an impact in the business sector at both national and international (particularly EU) level by facilitating sustainable research-based innovation through the establishment of multidisciplinary and public-private partnerships comprising all actors involved in the innovation process
  • Increase return on investment, enhance technological and non-technological innovation and improve competitiveness in Egypt, by building upon the outcomes of collaborative projects funded under public programmes, particularly the RDI, and ensure their sustainability
  • Provide a tool to better channel resources to Egypt’s innovation priorities, through exchange of ideas, know-how, knowledge, and research and innovation capabilities between public and private stakeholders for identification of business opportunities and future demands from the industry and society, and of the appropriate actors for meeting these through applied collaborative research
  • Strengthen cooperation with European and regional counterparts and hence enable the transfer of technology, know how, and best practices to Egyptian institutions, in particular in areas aligned with the objectives of the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation – Horizon 2020, to facilitate future links with the EU
  • Strengthen the industry competitiveness within each cluster particularly SMEs that could gain access to advanced research and technologies, which they could not afford on their own.

Deadline for submission of full application: February 3rd, 2014

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