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Erasmus Mundus – Action 2 – 2014 Call for proposals: EACEA/18/13 | EACEA

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nicoleta susanu‘s insight:

The CALL FOR PROPOSALS — EACEA/18/13  Erasmus Mundus 2009-13 action programme  Implementation in 2014 was published.

Action 2: Erasmus Mundus Partnerships

Action 2 – STRAND 1: Partnerships with countries covered by the ENPI, DCI, IPA and ICI (ICI+) instruments (former External Cooperation Window)Action 2 – STRAND 2: Partnerships with countries and territories covered by the Industrialised Countries Instrument  

The programme’s specific objectives are:
— to promote structured cooperation between higher education institutions and an offer of enhanced  quality in higher education with a distinct European added value, attractive both within the European
Union and beyond its borders, with a view to creating centres of excellence,
— to contribute to the mutual enrichment of societies by developing the qualifications of women/men so  that they possess appropriate skills, particularly as regards the labour market, and are open-minded and  internationally experienced through promoting mobility for the most talented students and academics  from third countries to obtain qualifications and/or experience in the European Union and for the most  talented European students and academics towards third countries,
— to contribute towards the development of human resources and the international cooperation capacity  of higher education institutions in third countries through increased mobility streams between the  European Union and third countries,
— to improve accessibility and enhance the profile and visibility of European higher education around the  world as well as its attractiveness for third-country nationals and citizens of the Union


The submission deadline for the Erasmus Mundus Action 2 — Partnerships is 3 March 2014 at 12.00  (noon), Central European Time.



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