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FCH JU Call for Proposals 2013 Part II

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nicoleta susanu‘s insight:

FCH JU #Call for Proposals 2013 Part II


Topics called:

Area SP1-JTI-FCH.1: Transportation & Refuelling Infrastructure

SP1-JTI-FCH.2013.1.1 Large-scale demonstration of buses and
refuelling infrastructure VI


Area SP1-JTI-FCH.2: Hydrogen Production & Distribution

SP1-JTI-FCH.2013.2.1: Demonstration of hydrogen  production from biogas for supply to vehicle refuelling  applications


Area SP1-JTI-FCH.4: Early Markets

SP1-JTI-FCH.2013.4.2 Demonstration of portable generators,
back-up power and uninterruptible power systems


Area SP1-JTI-FCH.5: Cross-cutting Issues

SP1-JTI-FCH.2013.5.5 Development of a European framework
for the generation of guarantees of origin for green H2


Deadline: 27 February 2014 at 17.00.00 (Brussels local time)

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