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CREATIVE EUROPE (2014-2020) Culture Sub-programme: EAC/S19/2013 – Literary translation projects

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CREATIVE EUROPE (2014-2020)  Culture Sub-programme

 Calls for proposals :  Call for proposal: EAC/S19/2013 – Literary translation projects 4

Priorities of the Culture Sub-programme

The priorities of the Culture Sub-programme are to reinforce the cultural and creative sectors’ capacity to operate transnationally and internationally and to promote transnational circulation and mobility. In order to  implement the priorities set out in the Regulation, the Culture Sub-programme, shall provide support in  particular for:

  •  transnational cooperation projects bringing together cultural and creative organisations from  different countries to undertake sectoral or cross-sectoral activities;
  • activities by European networks of cultural and creative organisations from different countries;
  • activities by organisations with a European vocation fostering the development of emerging  talent and stimulating the transnational mobility of cultural and creative players and circulation  of works, with the potential to exert a broad influence on cultural and creative sectors and to  provide for lasting effects;
  •  literary translation and the further promotion of translated works;


The main objectives of the support for literary translation projects are to support cultural and linguistic diversity in the Union and in other countries participating in the Culture Sub- programme and to promote the  transnational circulation of high quality literary works, as well as to improve access to these literary works in the Union and beyond and to reach new audiences.


The priorities are the following:

  •  supporting the circulation of European literature with a view to ensuring the widest possible accessibility;
  • supporting the promotion of European literature including the appropriate use of digital technologies in both the distribution and promotion of the works;
  • encourage the translation and promotion of high quality European literature in the long term.

Raising the profile of translators will be an additional priority of the support. For that reason, publishers will  be required to include a biography of the translator in each translated book.

Eligible projects:

Category 1 – Two-year projects: This category of projects must:

  • have a maximum duration of 2 years (eligibility period);
  • be the subject of an application requesting no more than EUR 100,000 representing no more than 50 % of the eligible budget;
  • consist in the translation and promotion (including the publication of a summary of the translated works) of a package of 3 to 10 eligible works of fiction from and into eligible languages;
  • be based on a strategy for translation, distribution and promotion of the translated works of fiction.


Category 2 – Framework partnership agreements:

  •  The application for the framework partnership agreement must include an action plan covering  the entire duration of the agreement. The action plan shall be based on a long term strategy for the translation, distribution and promotion of the translated package of works of fiction.
  •  The projects covered by the framework partnership agreement must consist in the translation and promotion of a package of 5 to 10 eligible works of fiction per year from and into eligible languages. For the subsequent two years, applicants selected under a framework partnership agreement will be invited to submit a proposal for the translation and promotion of a package of 5 to 10 eligible works each specific year.
  • The specific annual grants awarded under the framework partnership agreement to support the project shall not exceed EUR 100,000. The grant requested may not exceed 50% of the annual eligible budget.


Eligible activities:

  • Translation and publication of works of fiction with a high literary value, irrespective of their  literary genre, such as novels, short stories, plays, poetry, comic books and children’s fiction.
  • Translation of excerpts of the translated works of fiction for the catalogues of publishers and publishing houses to help foster the selling of rights either within Europe or beyond;
  • Special events and marketing/distribution organised for the promotion of the translated works of fiction in the EU and outside the EU, including digital promotion tools and promotion of authors  at book fairs and literary festivals.

Eligible countries

  • EU Member States and overseas countries and territories which are eligible to participate in the Programme pursuant to Article 58 of Council Decision 2001/822/EC2
  • Acceding countries, candidate countries and potential candidates benefiting from a pre-accession  strategy, in accordance with the general principles and general terms and conditions for the  participation of those countries in Union programmes established in the respective Framework  Agreements, Association Council Decisions or similar agreements;
  • EFTA countries which are parties to the Agreement on the EEA, in accordance with the provisions of the EEA Agreement;
  • The Swiss Confederation, on the basis of a bilateral agreement to be concluded with that country;
  • Countries covered by the European Neighbourhood Policy in accordance with the procedures defined with those countries following the framework agreements providing for their participation in EU programmes.

Deadline: Second Wednesday of March 2014

For more information and call documents click here

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