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CALL FOR PROPOSALS 2013 VP/2013/016: PARES: Benchmarking between Employment Services

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 CALL FOR PROPOSALS 2013  VP/2013/016: PARES: Benchmarking between Employment Services

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The main objective of this PARES call for proposals is to encourage benchmarking between employment services for a better delivery of the Europe 2020 strategy. The call is aimed at:

  •  Helping establish a system(s) of benchmarking between EU/EEA employment services when implementing priority actions of the European Employment Strategy;
  • Support initiatives of a trans-national character that involve a number of Employment Services in the EU/EEA;
  • Use the results of benchmarking projects between employment services to better inform policy makers at national and EU level with evidence-based findings on the performance and good practices in the delivery on employment services.

The Commission will support initiatives of a trans-national character that involve a great number of employment services (public, private, other type) in the EU/EEA.

Possible areas for the benchmarking are the current priority EU policy fields related to the employment services such as:

  • Effective approaches aiming at reducing Youth Unemployment;
  • Employers services;
  • Career guidance;
  • Creation of local partnerships for employment;
  • Anticipation of skills needs;
  • Effective up-skilling / training of unemployed or inactive;
  • Early intervention based upon profiling and targeted;
  • Individualised support to contribute to the prevention of flow into long-term unemployment;
  • Approaches to servicing the needs of employers and to improving relationships with employers;
  • Cooperation and contract management between PES and other relevant service providers for vocational orientation;
  • Placement, assessment, guidance, intensive assistance or training
  • Customer satisfaction (jobseekers, employers);
  • Assessment of the use of IT-tools and combined multi-channelling concepts;
  •  Green jobs


The total indicative amount of co-financing for this call for proposals is EUR 1 500 000 and the maximum Community co-financing rate is 80% of the total eligible costs of the action. The Contracting Authority reserves the right not to distribute all the funds available.

No minimum and maximum grant amounts are being fixed. Depending on the quality of the received applications, the intention is to finance between three to four projects from the total budget with an average of 350.000 Euro as EU contribution

Deadline for submitting applications: February 2014

For more information and call documents click here

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