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Call for proposal WP2014-15 Web Entrepreneurs Challeng

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The aim of this call is to create an environment in Europe that encourages more web entrepreneurs to start a business in Europe and scale it up. The focus of this topic is on entrepreneurs who use web and mobile technologies as main components in their innovation with a positive impact across the continuum of actors for entrepreneurship.

The forthcoming €10M funding will be allocated to projects to accelerate web entrepreneurship in Europe by using new cross-border services co-developed by several local web entrepreneurship ecosystems and hubs working together. Coordination activities to strength the environment for web entrepreneurship in Europe and that exploit synergies across stakeholder communities will also be funded.

 Scope of this call

a. Accelerate web entrepreneurship in Europe: Online platforms with new services

Proposals to develop and test online platforms connecting existing local web entrepreneurship ecosystems and hubs, and build upon these in order to provide new services for web entrepreneurs, complemented with other relevant activities. These platforms are expected to go beyond technologies and applications, to include necessary conditions for collaborative innovation.  The new services should help promising web startups to efficiently launch and scale up their operations across Europe, to create exposure to new financing opportunities, to link potential web entrepreneurs with key actors, e.g. mentors, located anywhere in Europe and to link acceleration programmes from several locations – providing real EU added value.  Characteristics of the proposed action can include as part of their services initiatives such as “geeks in-residence” to help web startups accelerate in their technological developments. They should be open to include any other measures, local, national or European, which aim to support web entrepreneurs in the launch, growth and internationalisation of their businesses.

Proposals may include actions to highlight the most valuable initiatives in a European context, e.g. highly-visible and innovative web and mobile services and applications.

b. Coordination activities in the area of web entrepreneurs

Support actions that strengthen the environment for web entrepreneurship in Europe and that exploit synergies across stakeholder communities. They aim at increasing the impact, accessibility and reach of the online support platforms and the new services they offer as well as link into other relevant initiatives. This action should as well cover actions beyond the technological, e.g. training, legal and financial aspects.  Therefore proposals may also include features such as networking all relevant stakeholders groups; encouraging people, notably the young and the women, to become web entrepreneurs; supporting European initiatives on web entrepreneurship; supporting awards to celebrate web entrepreneurship; promoting the use of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) for web entrepreneurship skills.

Examples of ideas that can be used:

  • TED positive – sharing failure: a conference or series of talks regarding embracing the culture of failure, removing the negative stigma that it implies. Sharing of lessons learned, experiences, mentoring, etc.
  • The European Centers for Entrepreneurship Network: better connecting existing centers at EU universities.
  • Smart website matching entrepreneurs, experts and investors.
  • StartBarter, a bartering currency for people to barter their skills, services, products in exchange for others.
  • Coalition of the Established: A portal for large corporations to post their digital development requirements/ ideas for development
  • Pan-European crowdfunding platform
  • Connect EU with Silicon Valley
  • Provide entrepreneurs with access to hard-to-access events
  • Online platform for connecting entrepreneurs with developers
  • Award ceremony for female entrepreneurs

Types of action and funding provisions:

1.  Innovation Actions – Proposals requesting a Small contribution are expected – 6 mil. euros total funding

Description: Action primarily consisting of activities directly aiming at producing plans and arrangements or designs for new, altered or improved products, processes or services. For this purpose they may include prototyping, testing, demonstrating, piloting, large-scale product validation and market replication.

Funding rate: 70% (except for non-profit legal entities, where a rate of 100% applies)

2.   Coordination and Support Actions – 4 mil. euros total funding

Description: Actions consisting primarily of accompanying measures such as standardisation, dissemination, awareness-raising and communication, networking, coordination or support services, policy dialogues and mutual learning exercises and studies, including design studies for new infrastructure and may also include complementary activities of strategic planning, networking and coordination between programmes in different countries.

Funding rate: 100%

Deadline Date 2014-04-23 17:00:00 (Brussels local time)

For more information and call documents click here

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