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#PHC-22-2015 Call for proposal Personalising #health and #care #Eufunding

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nicoleta susanu‘s insight:

Scope: Proposals should include multi-disciplinary research to improve the understanding, prevention, early diagnosis, and treatment of, mental conditions and disorders of older people. This may include a dimension of research into physical, psychological, environmental and social determinants of healthy ageing.

Proposals may address the role of external or internal determinants of mental health, including e.g. behaviour, resilience, sensory deficits, chronic disease, substance use, socio-economic stressors (e.g. loneliness, poverty, violence, trauma and conflicts), or other physical and environmental stressors. Clinical trials or comparative effectiveness research should contribute to the establishment of integrated preventative or therapeutic intervention strategies to improve mental health in the older population. Preference will be given to interventions with high public health relevance, i.e. addressing particularly frequent or severe situations, with a high impact on the quality of life of the individual and/or associated with a significant socio-economic burden.


Total call budget: €330,000,000

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