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#PHC-34-2014 Call for proposal #eHealth interoperability

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nicoleta susanu‘s insight:

Proposals should build on existing initiatives and EU projects in the area. Proposals should ensure sufficient involvement of stakeholders (including at least Member States, Industry and international standards development organisations (SDOs)), consensus building and endorsement of the work carried out and of the submitted deliverables. Contribution to the EU eHealth Interoperability Framework should be demonstrated. The successful proposal should support large scale deployments of eHealth services (including cross border) in Europe and contribute to the implementation of the EU-US MoU and roadmap.

Proposals should investigate the use of SNOMED CT as a core terminology to solve semantic interoperability issues for cross border but also national and regional eHealth deployments in the EU. Proposals should cover aspects such as costs (license or membership, but also operational, translations, mapping to local terminologies, maintenance, training,…), fitness to clinical requirements, legal, technical and operational, benefits, governance, impact on the different stakeholders including patients and healthcare providers, for the cross border as well as for the national and regional scenarios. Proposals should compare the SNOMED scenario with at least two scenarios: a) do nothing at the EU level and b) define a semantic interoperability framework without SNOMED CT. Proposals should assess whether SNOMED CT satisfies the criteria listed in the annex II of the EU standardization regulation. Proposals should take into account advice and guidelines from the eHealth Network but also developments related to the EU-US roadmap.

Total Call Budget€185,200,000


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