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Clean Sky 2 – Overview of the proposed programme | Clean Sky

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Clean Sky 2 will build on the success of Clean Sky and will deliver full-scale in-flight demonstration of novel architectures and configurations. Advanced technology inserted and demonstrated at full systems level will enable step-changes in environmental and economic performance and bring crucial competitiveness benefits to European industry. This brochure outlines the proposed Clean Sky 2 programme.

nicoleta susanu‘s insight:

“The proposed Clean Sky 2 Programme will be jointly funded by the European Commission and themajor European aeronautics companies, and will involve an EU contribution from the Horizon 2020
Programme budget of €1.8 bn. It will be leveraged by further activities funded at national, regional andprivate levels leading to a total public and private investment of €4.05 bn. Clean Sky 2 will run for the full duration of Horizon 2020 actions, i.e. from 2014 to 2023.

Clean Sky 2 can deliver key outcomes spanning two of the key pillars
defined in Horizon 2020 – Societal Challenges and Industrial Leadership:
• Creating resource efficient transport that respects the environment. Aeronautical research and innovation in Horizon 2020 and Clean Sky in particular must finish the job of achieving the ACARE SRA goals as set for 2020;
• Ensuring safe and seamless mobility. New concepts will allow the air transport system meet the mobility needs of citizens: more efficient use of local airports, faster connections and reduced
• Building industrial leadership in Europe. Clean Sky 2 will help protect and develop highly skilled jobs in Europe”.

On the timeline

Q1/Q2 2013: Preparation of Regulation and Legal / Financial / rules

Q3 2013: Commission’s Proposal for Regulation is launched

Q3/Q4 2013: Technical Evaluation of the Joint Technical Proposal by a Panel of Experts

Q4 2013: Information days and sessions related to Calls for Core Partners

Q4 2013: Finalization of the Joint Technical Proposal post evaluation

Q4 2013: Adoption of the Regulation targeted

Q1 2014: Call for Core Partners expected to open

Q2 2014: Programme starts

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