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The Social Media Frequency Guide: How Often Should You Post

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When it comes to tv advertising, there is always one ad you know by heart and even find yourself mimicking the tv when it comes on. This is when you know you have seen this advert too many times and in most cases, it starts to annoy you and you would never consider purchasing this product.

The same thing will happen on social media so it is crucial for your business that you follow the below guide so that you don’t make the mistake companies make when advertising on tv.

The best place to start is finding a balance between listening and sharing. You want to be sharing informative pieces of information on a regular basis but you don’t want to risk annoying your followers so where is your happy medium?

Automated scheduling app; Buffer shared their social media automation plan which included posting on Twitter 14 times per day, Facebook and Google+ twice a day and LinkedIn once a day. The reason I have shared these statistics is to show you how a huge, American business use social media. This is something that as a small business, you should NOT try to achieve.



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