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EUREKA, is calling for projects to fund in energy technology – EUREKA News – EUREKA

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EUREKA launched a new call for cross-border technological projects in the field of energy. 

This call is organised by EUREKA offices in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland, with funding being available for the projects selected in each of those three countries. At least one partner from Austria, Germany or Switzerland must be included in a project consortium for it to be eligible for this call. Organisations from other EUREKA member countries are also encouraged to take part in it with funding availability to be discussed on individual basis with national project coordinators.

The projects to be proposed shall be in the thematic sector of energy
innovation technologies, e.g. energy efficiency, renewable energy carriers, smart grids, energy storage

The project shall be balanced among the partners (max. 75% per single country) and public funding can be obtained in the respective country.

Applications are to be submitted before Friday September 19, 2014.


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