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Call for proposal EU-Brazil Research and Development Cooperation in Advanced Cyber Infrastructure EUB-1-2015

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Topic: Cloud Computing, including security aspects

Specific Challenge: Data are motivating a profound transformation in the culture and conduct of scientific research in every field of science and engineering. Advancements in this area are required in terms of cloud-centric applications for big data, as well as in creating novel cloud technologies that provide effective utilization and optimization of heterogeneous resources (such as storage and communications) in big data scenarios, in particular addressing privacy, security and other Quality-of-Service issues.


·         The focus of the joint research will be the development of innovative technologies combining advanced Clouds and Big Data approaches to address the challenges stemming from different application domains in business and societal contexts. The technologies developed should take into account interoperability  and data portability issues and aim towards future standardization.

·         Coordinated and Support Actions

One CSA for the research coordination and policy activities, including research roadmapping and supporting further future common activities, i.e. dissemination, organisation of workshops, preparation of future coordinated call topics, etc.

Planned Opening date15-10-2014Publication date23-07-2014Deadline Date21-04-2015 17:00:00 (Brussels local time)Total Call Budget€7,000,000



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