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Call for proposals – Fiber to the Home – FTTH 2014

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Pilot project – Connected for Health: Well-Being and Healthcare Solutions in Open Access FTTH Networks
Details: deadline for submitting applications 30/09/2014 as evidenced by postmark

FAQs and Gu


The main objective of this action is to explore, identify and test new and existing eHealth solutions in order to corroborate profitable and usable models and/or best practices for accessible home healthcare.
The beneficiary(ies) will produce a report which will assess and propose profitable and usable models and/or best practices for accessible home healthcare in Europe based on the pilot project’s experience in Finland and Sweden. The report will also make
recommendations for facilitating potential replication across the EU.
The results of this pilot project could contribute to the works of the Action Group C2 (Independent living) and Action Group B3 (Integrated care) of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP-AHA).

“Fiber to the Home” is defined as an access network architecture in which the final connection to the subscriber’s premises is Optical Fiber. (FTTH) The fiber optic communications path is terminated on or inside the premises for the purpose of carrying communication services to a single subscriber.

The following types of entities are eligible to participate in the call: public authorities (national, regional, local), research centres, universities, companies, non-profit organisations (public or private).
Non-eligible entities: natural persons, entities without legal personality.

Only applications from legal entities established in the EU Member States are eligible.

The activities may be implemented by several entities working together (i.e. consortium), provided that the minimum number of such entities is 3 and they are established in different EU Member States.

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