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Call For Proposals for the Acceleration of EGNOS adoption in the field of civil aviation | European GNSS Agency

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Additional information for applicants Questions/Answers Potential applicants should address questions related to the content of this call by e-mail to .


The purpose of this call is to award a number of grants  to foster EGNOS operational implementation for regional aviation, business (corporate) aviation, general aviation (training, emergency services) and rotorcraft, considered the main aviation market segments for EGNOS and those maximising public benefits. Commercial operators and/or OEMs interested in benefitting from EGNOS may also apply to the call.

To this end, applicants will submit:

–      a Work Plan covering the activities to be supported through the grant, allocation of resources and estimated budget. This document should define the scope of the work, the proposed approach and explain how the specific objectives and operational requirements set in below will be addressed;

–      a set of Technical forms describing the scope of the proposed activities.

 Objectives and areas of activities of the call for proposals

This call for proposals aims at:

  1. Fostering the design, development and operational implementation of EGNOS based operations, including approach procedures at different European aerodromes and EGNOS based routes.
  2. The development and installation of GPS/EGNOS enabled avionics and granting of airworthiness certification for RNP APCH procedures down to LPV minima.
  3. The approval of Air Operator Certificate for LPV operations of aircraft already equipped with SBAS capabilities.
  4. Development of enablers to accelerate EGNOS adoption and preparation for future capabilities, such as LPV 200.

DEADLINE: 31 October 2014 – at 16:00 Prague time



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