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Call for proposal New professions and skills for e-infrastructures INFRASUPP-4-2015

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Topic: New professions and skills for e-infrastructures

Scope: Proposals should address one or more of the following areas:

(1) Defining or updating university curricula for the e-infrastructure competences mentioned above, and promoting their adoption.

(2) Developing and executing training programmes (including for lifelong learning) for the above mentioned professionals working as part of a team of researchers or supporting research teams.

(3) Support the establishment of these professions as distinct professions from that of a researcher. Create a reference model which defines their competencies, supported by case studies and best practices relating to e-infrastructures skills, human resources management, support tools and related institutional practices. Develop alternatives means for recognising non-research contributions by research technologists and data scientists.

(4) Support networking and information sharing among already practicing e-infrastructure experts, research technologists, computation experts, data scientists and data librarians working in research institutes and in higher education.

(5) Awareness raising activities; establish and promote e-infrastructures community champions to advocate on new jobs and skills needs at schools, universities and scientific communities.

Expected impact:  The number of high level education institutions offering degrees for e-infrastructure experts, research technologists, data scientists and data librarians will increase. Graduates and practitioners in these fields will have access to degrees, programmes and information sharing tools to improve their skills. The majority of European researchers will thus have access to training on e-infrastructures to develop related skills. The number of individuals able to design, develop and maintain e-science tools and services as well as to support researchers with computational and data expertise will increase significantly.

Deadline Date14-01-2015 17:00:00 



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