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Structured Dialogue Youth 2015 – Restricted call for proposals

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Structured Dialogue Youth 2015 – Restricted call for proposals – Agence Executive Education, Audiovisual and Culture


The present restricted call for proposals is addressed exclusively at the bodies nominated by the national authorities to coordinate the work of the National Working Groups to strengthen the Structured Dialogue process in each EU member state.


The annual grant to be provided to National Working Groups is an outcome of the review of the Structured Dialogue organised by the European Commission in 2013 and takes into account conclusions adopted during the review process. Whilst
acknowledging the autonomy of National Working Groups, the annual grant provides each National Working Group with new funding, which it should use to strengthen the conduct and management of the process at national level. In particular, National Working Groups must increase the outreach of the process, enhance its visibility and promotion, and monitor the follow-up in their respective Member States to outcomes of Structured Dialogue. National Working Groups must
also report on the execution of the grant awarded in 2015 and its performance in achieving these objectives.

General tasks:
• The National Working Groups should act as an ambassador of the Structured Dialogue and represent the process in the Member State concerned.
• Produce an action plan of activities for 2015.
• Ensure a representative membership of the National Working Group that is capable of dealing with the overall thematic priority, establish links to regional/local levels and take account of the cross-sectoral dimension of EU youth policy.
• Ensure adequate preparation of all national youth delegates nominated to participate in the EU Youth Conferences to be organised in 2015 by the Council presidencies of Latvia and Luxembourg and in a Structured Dialogue event to be organised as an integral part of the 2015 European Youth Week.

Deadline16/12/2014 – 12:00 (CET/CEST, Brussels time)



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