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Call PHC-27-2015 Self-management of health and disease and patient empowerment supported by ICT

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Proposals should aim to empower patients to manage their pre-existing conditions. Health management will be addressed holistically, including healthy lifestyle interlinked with disease management, placing the patient in the centre and putting increased emphasis on health education, secondary prevention and self-management of individual conditions, including co-morbidities.

Proposals should address all of the following elements a) personalised guidance to patients based on their profiles and the use of wearable/portable devices and improved individual/healthcare-professional interaction, b) engagement of patients as active members in managing their diseases, in particular addressing chronic diseases, co-morbidities, treatment adherence, rehabilitation, self-diagnostics and self-care and c) decision support systems interoperable and/or maintaining integrity with electronic health records.

Expected impact:

  • Improving the participation of the patient in the care process.
  • Improving the management of a disease by reducing the number of severe episodes and complications.
  • Increasing the level of education and adherence of individuals, patients and care givers related to application of ICT for personalised care.
  • Improved interaction between patients, their relatives, providers of health-, social-, and informal care givers.
  • Strengthened evidence base on health outcomes, quality of life, care efficiency gains and economic benefits from the use of ICT in new care models.
  • Reinforced medical knowledge with respect to efficient management of comorbidities.
  • Increased confidence in decision support systems for disease/patient management.
  • Involvement of health care providers/authorities with increased commitment in the deployment of innovative services empowering the patient.

Type of action: Pre-commercial procurement co-fund actions.



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