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Restricted call for proposals (the EU Member States + Iceland and Liechtenstein)

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Restricted Call for proposals (Member States) – Projects to support MS activities to improve gender equality in national policies and programme – Action grants 2014


Priority will be given to proposals dealing with equal economic
reconciliation of professional and private life and how to share housework and care responsibilities more equally between women and men.

Proposals shall complement the efforts of the EU in the area of equality between women and men. Duplications of already existing initiatives will not be funded. Activities already funded or eligible for funding under other EU funds (e.g. European Social Fund) cannot be funded under this call for proposals.

This call for proposals may provide funding for:

effective national and/or transnational awareness raising activities aiming at:

  • supporting, in particular for men, flexible working arrangements (e.g. part time work, job sharing, reduced hours etc.) through campaigns using role models and pioneers. Such campaigns could e.g. highlight particularly successful male politicians, entrepreneurs or other public figures as care-givers who have adapted their working days to accommodate the needs of their families; show men taking care of ill partners or their parents; etc.
  • highlighting the benefits of family-friendly measures to encourage companies to implement them; fighting against the adverse consequences affecting parents who make use of their right to family leave, and fighting stereotypes at company level that prevent men from making use of parental leave, paternity leave or part-time;
  • counteracting the stereotype that domestic work does not fit the traditional picture of masculinity, by using authentic gender-balanced role models, such as:

– run campaigns showcasing e.g. popular male athletes completing domestic work or blue collar workers bringing home groceries, etc.
– implement at schools special lessons in ‘domestic work’ for both girls and boys. This should allow students to revalue these tasks and to establish the norm that both genders are responsible for this work.
Innovative policy research aiming
Providing new evidence on innovative ways of organising work and -time that would enable a better work-life balance and better sharing of domestic tasks and care responsibilities between women and men:
– conduct new research on economic and social benefits for equally shared paid and unpaid working hours;
– experiment (pilot) new working arrangements that allow better sharing of paid and unpaid work

Deadline for this call for proposals is 31/03/2015 12:00 (noon) CET



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