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Call New forms of innovation H2020-INSO-2015-CNECT

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Specific challenge: Public administrations need to address the new challenges posed by the evolution of society. Financial constraints are making this task difficult. At the same time, expectations – in terms of burden reduction and efficiency of public services – are growing.

The take-up of new technologies, such as social media and mobile technologies, leads to increased connectivity.

The availability of open data and open services, in an open government setting support the collaborative forms of service design and delivery and they increase transparency.

Expected impact:

·           Stimulating the creation, delivery and use of new services on a variety of devices, utilising new web technologies, coupled with open public data.

·           More personalised public services that better suit the needs of users.

·           Reducing the administrative burden of citizens and businesses (e.g. collecting information from citizens only once).

·           Increased transparency of and trust in public administrations.

Deadline; 28-05-2015 17:00:00 (Brussels local time)


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