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REFLECTIVE-11-2015 Reflective Societies: Cultural Heritage and European Identities

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The action will analyse the potential and the challenges of SSH valorisation at the European level and will develop solutions for advancing the practical application of research results, methods and expertise of SSH into products and services. To reach these goals, the action should develop a platform that will bring together SSH researchers and economic and social actors, including within an interdisciplinary setting. This platform should foster a dialogue between SSH researchers and relevant stakeholders with the aim to identify the structural requirements and conditions that must be created to ensure an effective valorisation of SSH research. In particular this should include such issues as research design, research communication, training of SSH researchers and their employability in the wider economy or any other relevant social field where SSH should be integrated in innovation endeavours, as well as production and use of data.

The action will also develop a valorisation concept for the systematic exchange and dissemination of SSH research results, which will include the earlier and deeper integration of SSH research across the innovation value chain. The developed concept will also need to be tested in a subsequent step.

Deadline Date28-05-2015 17:00:00 (Brussels local time)



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