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4 tips to just ROCK a kickoff meeting | Edoardo Binda Zane

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Lear how to prepare a project kickoff meeting with these kickoff meeting tips. Get a free kickoff meeting agenda and a kickoff meeting presentation template.

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Start well in advance:

  • 8 weeks before the meeting: set the date and location – communicate to all partners, request confirmation and number of participants – ask for any special requirements (i.e. disabilities, special diets, travel requirements…);
  • 6 weeks before: contact catering with total number of participants and order food and coffee.
  • 4 weeks before: conference call with all partners to present agenda, presentation templates and to-do list for the meeting. compile report of the call and send to everyone with the presentation template and specific instructions (e.g. how to get to the meeting room from the airport)
  • 2 weeks before: collect presentations and review them 1 week before: finalisation of presentations “



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