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EUROsociAL+ EuropeAid Multi call for proposal open

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The global objective is to contribute to an increase of the level of social cohesion in Latin America.

The specific objective (s) of this call for proposals is to support national social, good governance and gender equality public policies aiming at enhancing the level of social cohesion and at strengthening the institutions responsible for their implementation.  

The following priority areas of action will be supported in the implementation of EUROsociAL+:

  • Social policies:
    • Improve quality of employment, the prevention and reduction of unemployment, underemployment and informality, and the promotion of social protection and labour market policies.
    • Address the constraints that prevent vulnerable groups (indigenous people, migrants, etc.) from benefiting of social policies.


  • Good governance policies:
    • Fiscal policies, specifically, measures addressing the efficiency, equitability, progressiveness and transparency of the tax systems and revenue collection in order to promote social cohesion policies, as well as the increase in government accountability and transparency and the fight against corruption (activity based management including budgetary allocation of funds, voluntary fulfilment of tax obligations, tax reforms, fiscal and tax education, etc.).
    • Equal access to justice to all, eliminating barriers and discriminating measures. Policies that promote information on rights and obligations, strengthening public defence offices, alternative mechanisms of conflict resolution, reduction of access to justice barriers, social rehabilitation policies for inmates, violence prevention, etc.
    • Support to long term strategic planning, definition of public policies for the reduction of social inequalities and quality of social expenditure in public administration (i.e.: regional development policies, etc.).


  • Gender equality policies:
    • Strengthening of the national mechanisms for the advancement of women, peer learning and experiences sharing.
    • Fostering the implementation of the legal framework favourable to gender equality and facilitate possible solutions for the region to accomplish the international commitments and their monitoring.
    • Increasing capacities and knowledge of national institutions on integrating gender approach in different sectorial policies and implement gender-responsive policies.
    • Improving the use of gender indicators and data, monitoring gender-related public expenditure.
  • Deadline: 16/02/2016 at 16:00 (Brussels date and time)



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