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Apply for funding | Interreg Europe

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Apply for funding Second call (5 April – 13 May 2016) The Interreg Europe monitoring committee has approved the terms of reference for the second call for project proposals.

Sourced through from:

Who can apply?

The following organisations are eligible to receive ERDF or Norwegian funding.

– Public authorities,

– Public law bodies (bodies governed by public law),

– Private non-profit bodies.

Private non-profit bodies cannot take on the role of lead partner

The eligible Interreg Europe cooperation area covers the whole territory of the European Union with its 28 Member States, including insular and outermost areas. In addition, Norway and Switzerland are full members of the programme and organisations from these countries are welcome to participate in projects (organisations from Switzerland cannot be Lead Partner). Partners from other countries can participate at their own costs.

Priority axes

Strengthening research, technological development and innovation

Enhancing the competitiveness of SMEs

Supporting the shift towards a lowcarbon economy in all sectors

Protecting the environment and promoting resource efficiency

Deadline: 13 May 2016, 12pm (midday) CEST (Paris time)


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