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The objectives 

– Helping new entrepreneurs acquire and build managerial skills and further develop their business plan/activity by learning from experienced entrepreneurs;

– Learning on the job by the new entrepreneurs by working with the host entrepreneur on concrete business projects;

– Supporting the host entrepreneur in researching, developing and testing or piloting new business concepts, products or services by the new entrepreneur’s bringing in fresh ideas from another environment (in national, academic, market etc. terms);

– Raising entrepreneurs’ awareness for the benefits from going international and, in particular, from exploiting the potential of the Single European Market by getting hands-on know-how about other national markets within the EU;

– Intensifying the networking and business relationship between entrepreneurs from different participating countries, especially laying the ground for further internationalisation of SMEs’

businesses and for further spreading of innovative methods or products in the Single European Market.


Deadline:05 April 2016 17:00:00


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