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H2020 Prize Low carbon hospital – € 1 million

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This inducement prize will reward a hospital that has an innovative and within its premises perfectly integrated combined heat and power (CHP) installation. This installation has to use at least three different European renewable energy technologies, include energy storage component(s) and be able to provide 100% of hospital’s annual needs for energy consumption. In this context any renewable energy source is allowed. The prize will induce innovative renewable energy solutions integrating several technologies into one energy system. Installing such kind of integrated equipment in the ecosystem of a hospital would not only ensure the security of its energy supply, but would also raise public awareness on renewable energy. Moreover, the prize aims to mobilise and enhance private and public investments for replication of similar solutions in Europe and worldwide.

Expected Impact:

The prize winner will be the entrant (a hospital) that has installed and operated in its premises a new combined heat and power system integrating at least three different renewable energy technologies and with an innovative energy storage component. The proposed energy system solution shall be adaptable and replicable to other sites. Clear energy security and economic benefits shall be proven to assure these replications. The prize will accelerate the introduction of renewable energy sources at larger scale. It will also encourage new venues for installing flexible and reliable CHP units from different renewable energy sources with zero carbon footprint. The contest gives as well a good opportunity to local small and medium-sized enterprises to demonstrate their expertise and know-how.

Deadline: 3 April 2019 at 17:00:00 CET

Participants can moreover declare their intention to participate by registering as ‘contestants’ via the functional mailbox EC-LOWCARBON-PRIZE@EC.EUROPA.EU  before 31 March 2017 with a short summary of their application including a brief description of the system to be installed and envisaged activities in the pursuit of the prize aim (no more than 2000 characters).

For more information and call documents click here .

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