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Call for proposal H2020 Tools and technologies for coordination and integration of the European energy system

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Specific Challenge:

The increasing share of variable renewable energy sources and the 2020 and 2030 targets for the reduction of greenhouse gas emission in the EU are calling for important changes in our energy system: more flexibility, more active involvement of all stakeholders and more collaboration. If no actions are taken, the power system will face several risks such as, poor quality of the electricity supply, congestion, lack of stability, excessive levels or curtailments, impossibility to cope with electro mobility demand, etc. The challenge is therefore to create and deploy common tools for planning, integration and operation across the energy system and its actors.

Expected Impact:

Proposals must demonstrate that they are relevant, compatible with the broad EU energy policy context such as Climate-Energy packages, Energy Union. Where relevant, they should also indicate if and how they will contribute to:

  • ongoing policy developments in the field of the design of the internal electricity market, of the retail market, ongoing discussions on self-consumption,
  • enhanced interconnections between Member States and/or between energy networks.

Proposals must demonstrate if and how they contribute to the following impacts.

  • Optimized grid planning and design at European level, maximizing the capacity of the grid to host variable renewables, take full advantages of a pan-European grid for stability and security
  • Safe, secure, efficient and coherent data handling, enabling more cross border trading and real time balancing
  • Enabling new flexibility services to the grid associated with new business opportunities, offering the access to cheaper energy for the consumers and maximising the social welfare
  • Increasing the potential of exchanges between energy networks, enhanced security of supply, create business opportunities, avoidance of curtailment, offering new services to the grid
  • Account for human behaviour in the design of infrastructure and demand-response to avoid blockages due to social acceptance, placing the consumer at the center of the energy system.
  • Finally, proposals will also include ad-hoc indicators to measure the progress against specific objectives of their choice which could be used to assess the progress during the project life.


Indicative timetable for evaluation and grant agreement:

Information on the outcome of single-stage evaluation: maximum 5 months from the deadline for submission. Signature of grant agreements: maximum 8 months from the deadline for submission.

Budget: 30,000,000

Types of action: RIA Research and Innovation action

Deadline: 14/02/2017

For more information and call documents click here

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