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Identifying EU funding opportunities that are appropriate to the size, status, and mission of the organizations, and which can be identified in a timely fashion is a big challenge.  Unfortunately many organization are poorly informed of funding opportunities and therefore either completely miss them, and the opportunities, as most are time dependent, or make applications which for one reason or another are judged by the EU to be ineligible. It is also common for organization to find out about funding  opportunities at a very late stage and therefore be ill-prepared to make applications, or they make applications for funding which are actually aimed at objectives  beyond their core mission.

The aim of this blog is:

  • to share free tools concerning management of EU projects and keep you updated with the last EU calls.
  • providing access to guidelines and templates related to EU grant applications and  to links for further information on EU funding
  • providing tips to help build skills for managing and reporting on EU finances.

EuropaPromt  intend to help grant seekers to save time and money, to keep current, and to expand their thinking about where to look for funding.



  1. Carmen says:

    E o idee excelenta si totodata extrem de utila avand in vedere ca exista un volum mare de informatii .Felicitari !

  2. simohttoly says:

    Very interesting and hopfully useful.. Thanks Nicoleta, I’ll follow it.

  3. Thanks Nicoleta….Very helpful and I would love to speak with you more about funding opportunities.

    • nicoleta S says:

      Hi, you could contact me via my facebook page Eu funding opportunities and project management tips. You have a contact tools or you could let me an PM on Facebook page. Thanks

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